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The Hobby

There is the emergence of a subculture of vapers. Behind this subculture, are brands of e-cigarettes like direct vapor and madvapes.

E-cigarettes have mass appeal. There are people who passionately support the use of e-cigarettes. No nicotine replacement therapy has ever been as popular as vaping. In fact, people are ditching the traditional cigar and increasingly turning to e-cigarettes like madvapes because of their benefits and safety.

Vape Meets are increasing

A vape meet brings together e-cigarette hobbyists. In the US, there are usually large gatherings of e-cigarette hobbyists. The focus of such gatherings is usually e-cig devices like madvapes and the lifestyle that accompany the use of e-cigarettes.


This is an annual show organized by hobbyist vapers. It takes place in different cities. People who usually attend vape fests are hobbyists who use specialized, community-made e-cigarettes that are not available in normal retail outlets.

Hobbyist Vapers Like To Cloud Chase

This activity involves blowing vapor clouds using an e-cig. Cloud chasing started on the West Coast of the US. You can use a direct vapor vaping device to cloud chase.

Vape Becomes Word of the Year

The word, “vape,” became Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2014. This is because the media was constantly mentioning it because, in 2014, vaping was the latest phenomenon in the world.

The Vaping Hobby is taking the World by Storm

Cigarette manufacturers are afraid of the vaping industry. This has the potential to drive many manufacturers out of business. This is because people prefer vaping because it is less risky than smoking. When you smoke, you inhale a wide range of toxins. For vaping, that is not the case.

International tobacco companies are becoming increasing worried about e-cigarettes. This has made them to start producing their own e-cigarettes. However, their e-cig brands are still not popular than mainstream brands such madvapes.

Tobacco companies are acquiring e-cigarette companies. In 2012, Lorillard Inc. (a famous tobacco manufacturing company), acquired a prominent US-based e-cigarettes manufacturer, Blu e-cigs.

Many ex-smokers are turning to vaping. Those who want to quit smoking are also turning to the use of e-cigarettes. In the midst of all these are hobbyist vapers. The sole reason why these people use e-cigarettes is to have a good time. They consider vaping as a cool thing that has little or no side effects.

Many People Consider Vaping as a Hobby

The recreational use of e-cigarettes is increasing. Many people vape as a hobby. It is something they do to relax. Vaping is a good hobby. This is because it does not leave a bad odor on clothes and does cause lung problems. Continued use of cigarettes will harm your health. However, e-cigarettes will not harm your health in any way.

People are vaping in streets, cafes, pubs and museums among other places. There is no prohibition on the public usage of e-cigarettes as is the case with smoking. This is because; second-hand smoke is harmful to health. However, there is no evidence that the use of e-cigarettes carries passive risks.

The Vaping Community

There are strong vaping communities, online and offline. Veteran members of these communities usually enlighten beginners about vaping issues. You will find experts engaging in heated discussions on internet vaping communities.

Online forums based around vaping have grown. These are places where users discuss everything about e-cigarettes. You will find Facebook and Reddit pages entirely focused on vaping.

Hobbyist E-cigarettes Bloggers

Companies that produce e-cigarettes like madvapes have a substantial online presence. Also present online are hobbyist e-cigarettes bloggers. These are the unpaid evangelists of e-cigarettes. They blog and tweet about e-cigarettes. They offer information about the best e-cigarettes brands such as direct vapor.

The E-Cigarettes Trend Is Going Nowhere

It is here to stay. With more than 500 brands of e-cigarettes and annual global sales of e-cigarettes running into billions of dollars, it is evident that the popularity of e-cigarettes is growing by the day. The most popular brands include madvapes and direct vapor.

At first, the big cigarette manufacturers dismissed vaping as a fad that will fade with time. However, top cigar manufacturers like British American Tobacco (BAT), realized that the vaping hobby was gaining popularity. That is why BAT started producing e-cigarettes.